P(l)aying for a Free Gold Jet

On June 10th, 2015, Rockstar Games release fresh downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto V title, Ill-Gotten Gains. The Ill-Gotten Gains DLC included the most expensive in-game items to date. Emblematic of the exorbitant prices was the Luxor Deluxe, a gold-plated version of the Luxor jet, which sold for $10M, 8.35M more than the standard Luxor.


The ostensible reason for the release of such expensive materials was to rebalance the cost of in-game items after the release of the previous DLC update, which introduced the much anticipated Heists game mode. Heists offer the greatest payouts for any single mission in GTAV. The final mission in the Pacific Standard Job offers a potential payout of a whopping $1.25M for completing the mission on Hard Mode to be divided among the 4 participants. Even with Heist’s remarkable payouts, the cost in-game currency of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC represented a significant time investment. Assuming an even split of the final payout, it would take 23 runs of the entire Pacific Standard Heist to be able to afford the Luxor Deluxe’s 10 million dollar pricetag. Last week a few crew members and I timed a run through all of the missions of the Pacific Standard Heist–not going for speed, just to see how long it takes–it came out to around two hours and thirty minutes. 23 runs at 2.5 hours per run would total 57.5 hours. At that pace, earning a Luxor Deluxe would require playing just about the entire playtime of Dragon Age: Origins or a full standard work week and half of another.

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