Blogging the Digital Humanities at #MLA11

Thanks to the generous support of the Simpson Center for the Humanities, I will be reporting the rest of the week on the presence of the digital humanities at the Modern Language Convention in Los Angeles. 

Last year’s convention was something of a a coming out party for the digital humanities at MLA, which will make it particularly interesting to see how DH shows up this year.  Turns out that this year there are over forty panels discussing some aspect of digital media and language scholarship. Plus, the MLA is making a conscious effort to make twitter and MLA blogging more visible this year. But, I’ll be posting more on that later in the week.

If you would like to follow along, my colleagues and I will be blogging at or you can find updates about our activities by following the twitter handle @uwmla2011. I will also be reposting my entries to my HASTAC blog to hopefully connect that community with this weekend’s events.