Media Blitz

101207_Gaming_Project_WEB-1_900wThe Daily today is running  a story by my former student Sean Sullivan on the Critical Gaming Project. Sullivan does a really nice job summing up how the CGP came together and where we feel the project is going. This is the second feature story this quarter on the game studies group, the first being Peter Kelley’s feature in University Week this October, and I must say it has been really great to see that people find our work interesting.

The CGP began because we felt there was not enough attention given to games as significant cultural and aesthetic objects, both at UW and in academia in general. This kind of broad exposure to the UW community is really important for the growth of our group. Not only does it validate our efforts, but it might also inspire more folks to get involved in what we are doing. Even at the smallest level, this appearance in the Daily might prompt some students to seek out our classes.

It really feels like the CGP is maturing this year and media attention is just a part of it. Thank you to the Daily and UWeek for the great stories. Hopefully what we are doing will continue to be of interest to your audience.