Cheatie McCheaters.

Kotaku reports
that a patch is coming for the glitch in the Fable 2: Pub Games that allows players to change their bets just before the game begins so that they can win the maximum amount while risking the minimum amount. When asked what will happen to those who already made their millions exploiting this glitch, Lionhead Studio’s Sam Van Tilburgh hinted that “there could be repercussions,” which set the comments a buzz about the possibility of a gold reset.

A reset would be unfair to all who played the game. For those who didn’t cheat certainly should not be punished and those who did were simply playing the digital game if not the fantasy game. As Galloway explains, glitches and exploits are not errors in execution, the computer always executes what you tell it to do. THe problem is that the programmers didn’t communicate exactly what they wanted to the machine. My professor Leroy Searle always says computers are the stupidest things ever because they do exactly what we tell them to. So, the “cheaters” did not cheat the game, they cheated the fantasy, the narrative of how one is supposed to play.

In any case, regardless of how you feel about whether or not this constitutes cheating, the most eligant solution to the situation would be to integrate the two separated worlds of the game narrative and the digital game. Fable keeps track of player behavior in order to develop their character in varying degrees of good or evil. Kill some innocents, your evil rating goes up, your avatar looks uglier. Save some villagers from pillagers, you good rating goes up, you look more attractive. The Pub Games were release t promote the actual Fable 2 game by allowing players to build in-game money that they could transfer to their Fable 2 character when they get the actual game. What I would like to see, and I don’t know if this is even feasible, is the player’s behavior in Pub Games translating to the evaluation of his/her character in Fable 2. So if you exploited the glitch for millions, when you transfered your “winnings” to your avatar, they were instantly at a comparable level of moral degredation. You can still keep your ill gotten gains, but you begin the game well on the evil side as slimy scoundrel.

Wouldn’t that be great?